June 2017

Quiz: Should I attend a School Out of State?


Should I Attend A School Out-of-State?

7 Reasons Why You Need Preppy


Planning for college can be a massive, confusing, overwhelming jungle.  Preppy makes college prep fun, simple and less stressful. Preppy’s college planning advice can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Your high school guidance counselor(s) are probably stretched too thin to give you personalized service.  Preppy offers convenient chat and text support […]

Choosing A College: Based on Cultural Diversity


Did you know there were about 5300 American colleges? So, it’s not easy choosing one, but Preppy has your back.   Let’s begin by exploring the types of colleges.  Why is this important? The type of college can make a difference in your college experience. Let’s talk about colleges based on racial make up. There […]