Coach  kōCH/noun

  1. a private tutor
  2. one who instructs or trains
  3. one who instructs players on the fundamentals of a sport and directs team strategy.

Why Coaching? Why Be Preppy?

There’s a coach for everything: vocal, performance, business, leadership, and wealth!  And, of course there are college coaches.

Knowledge and Motivation

Coaches know the game, have played the game before, but they aren’t actively playing.  They arrange practices, training routines, and provides winning strategies.  They are on the sidelines calling plays and yelling things to warn or motivate you.

Strategy and Support

Preppy coaches are no different.  We provide strategy, guidance, and motivation.  We help keep you focused on the small wins as well as the ultimate goal of college graduation.

The Benefits

A Competitive Edge

College and the real world are tough. Those who thrive, not just survive, often have advisers who help them avoid challenges and provide info to gain a leg up against the competition.


Thinking about your future can be scary. Coaching helps you to feel more confident and assured about reaching your academic and personal goals.


College is all about improving your quality of life for you and your family. Therefore, we focus on college success as well as personal success.

Coaching With Preppy

What to Expect
We discover your personality & goals.
We strategize to meet your goals.
You apply the strategies.
How We Do It
Assessments & Inventories
Structured Activities
Goal Setting & Accountability
When It Happens
Monthly Sessions (online & in-person)
Weekly Check-ins (text or email)
As needed by text, phone or email.

Who We Serve

Pre-College Students

Whether you are a traditional or non-traditional student planning for college, we can make sure your transition to college is smooth and successful.

College & Post-Grad Students

We help all college students maximize their college experience, graduate on time, and increase employability, and cruise into post-graduate life.