We Focus on College Completion

Preppy Students Are:

Top Students

Grades are critical to college success.  We make sure students not only pass their classes, but also get top grades in even the most difficult courses.

Well Rounded

Being an engaged student contributes heavily to college completion.  We help students select the student activities that fit their personalities & goals.


Preppy understands that college is only a piece of the puzzle.  Well help students align their life goals with their college experience for a more fulfilling post-grad life.


College is tough.  Those students who do not let challenges impact their degree attainment have high levels of resiliency. Our coaches provide tools to foster an effective level of grit.


Professional students have all the qualities of a top leader and employee.  They understand how to manage their behavior, time, responsibilities, image and brand. Our coaches will help you become a star student.


Asking for help and taking advantage of resources is a skill that is key in college success.  Our coaches help students feel more empowered to use student services as well as connect with mentors and advisers.

Our Coaches Assist Students With:


  • keeping stellar grades with practical study skills.
  • deciding on a major or to switch majors.
  • decreasing time to degree.
  • navigating academic situations.


  • selecting and applying for internships.
  • identifying strategies to enhance employability.
  • selecting and applying for graduate school.
  • narrowing career focus.


  • Setting long-term and short-term goals.
  • Providing advice on issues that effect academics.
  • Finding additional sources for financial aid.
  • Improving confidence, resilience and mind-set.

Coaching Subscriptions and Packages

College Students

Single Session

per session

1 single session

1 – Free 15-minute follow-up session




per semester

Five (5) sessions per semester

3 – Free 15 minute follow-up sessions




per month

One (1) session per month

Free bi-weekly follow-ups

Free post-grad support

Unlimited access to coach through text and email

Pay Monthly

One-time payment $250/year (Save $50!)