College Success is Our Life and Our Mission

Preppy seeks to help all students succeed in college by providing access to high-quality college planning advice to students and their families.  We aim to ensure that all students are knowledgeable, confident and excited about their college choices regardless of background, family income or race.

What makes us different?

Our holistic approach makes us different. What’s part of of our holistic approach? We address both internal and external factors that can affect students’ college planning decisions and impact chances of college completion and success after college.

We help:

  • families make informed decisions
  • students tap into their strengths
  • students increase self-efficacy and self-sufficiency
  • students overcome obstacles

Meet Be Preppy’s Founders

Chic. Nerdy. Geeky. Cool. Funny. College Grads. Besties. Sisters.

Our destiny was set in motion in February 2005 at Southeastern Louisiana University, when we joined our illustrious sorority, Delta Sigma Theta.  Not only did we have height in common (13 & 15 of 15),  we realized that we both were nerds that loved science, snacks and science fiction.  Our lifetime bond started instantly.  About 12 years later, we realized that we had something else in common: our passion for helping students succeed in college.

Dr. Erin R. Wheeler, Founder

Learn more about Dr. Erin here.

Ebony Brown Blackwell, Co-founder