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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Tuition?

Ambiguous Man Standing On Money Representing Tuition

Insuring Your Tuition Investment Whether you’re paying out of pocket for college or your tuition is covered through grants or scholarships, college is still a huge personal investment. Just like with most bills, we cringe and pay them when they are due.  We never really spend time reading the fine print. But, have you ever […]

College Confidential: 4 Secrets to Great Grades


Keeping up with studying and boring academic policy can give you a headache.  However, learning the rules are apart of being an adult.  Unfortunately, most students only learn the rules and the little known facts when it’s too late: when they get in trouble for breaking them. Luckily, Preppy has identified four ways you can […]

From Student to Graduate: Five Rules for College Success


Make sure you are well informed. College is a new world in which students are responsible for their own learning.  This means learning inside and outside of class.  College has it’s own rules, policies and processes.  As higher education professionals we’ve seen our share of student stumbles, flops, and fails; and 99.9% of the time […]