Y el Colegio?

y el colegio

  For many first generation, Latinx college students, the holidays are a special time. From family gatherings and reunions, parties, posadas, and more, college students are also dreading on having difficult conversations with family members. Here are some questions you may be asked: Y como te va en el colegio? Your family is proud you […]

How to Ask for A Letter of Rec: College Edition

Man writing a letter to represent letters of recommendation

College is an experience, one you gain many life lessons from. One of the most difficult lessons (but one with a quick fix) that I learned, was how to ask for a letter of recommendation. When I first arrived to college, I thought I was ready to face almost anything. I went to all of […]

How to Deal with the Holiday Blues


Fall semester is a busy time, between getting used to living away from your families, starting a new school, adjusting studying habits, and the pressure of academia, there is going home for the holidays too. For some, not going home for the holidays can also be a problem too. This is where the holiday blues […]